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It usually breaks down after a long period of use, but with proper care, it can last a lot longer. Clay chips also have different sound when splashed against the pot than ABS chips. Poker Chips With Denominations View larger image. Ceramics have actually been around for some time now, and are becoming increasingly popular. Put me on the Waiting List. Composite poker chips usually last a lifetime if handled with proper care. Beach resort and casino Seller Browse Listings.

Bring your next home poker tournament to the next level with this chip count casino quality pure clay poker chip set. Patented pure clay chip with tournament. MATERIAL: No chips are made of % clay, but most chips that claim to be clay are not casino quality chips. They are referred to as clay composite chips and. Pure clay poker chips has its advantages and disadvantages. All clay poker chips usually last around 5 to 6 years in casinos. It usually breaks down after a long.

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