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The Partners passed a motion directing no vote on an Extraordinary Resolution regarding this proposal. The lack of representation on the OLG Board for several years prejudiced First Nation rights and interests, particularly during the critical period when the Gaming Strategy was being formulated behind closed doors. The held amount and interest are distributed to the First Nation when it signs on to the new Partnership.

Some new best 1 cent slot machines are now on the horizon, and casino rama funding Woodbine expansion approximate completion is likely to increase OLG gross revenue to a significant degree. Stinson Henry stresses that the Rama First Nation has maintained positive relationships with the other provincial First Nations. Looking ahead, which formula will be used, and what payout arrangements have been specified for the next 18 months until the ruling takes effect? At a follow-up SPM in July, First Nations made it clear that any new deal had to be a straight revenue sharing arrangement, with no impact on First Nation jurisdiction over gaming. The gross revenue calculation will include funds from Casino Rama, along with other commercial and charity casinos, racinos, lotteries and other sources. Based on the perspective ofthe monthly revenue payments under the new arrangement are at least double what First Nation Partners would have received under a continuation of the CRRA and the net revenue of Casino Rama. The new arrangement is a strictly casino rama funding or business deal with no impact on rights.

Earlier this month, the province signed the Casino Rama Revenue Agreement The reserves receive the funding based on their community's total membership. Detailing the background and ramifications of a lawsuit between the Chippewas of Rama First Nation and the OLG over revenue shares. Casino Rama Inc. owns and operates a casino in Rama. Casino Rama · Overview · Timeline · Contributors. ADD TO LIST Add Funding Rounds.

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